Live Free or Die!


Live Free or Die! is a serial comedy/drama focused on urban expatriate Edward Dewey and his experiences at “Misty Mountain”: a present-day New Hampshire commune.

Packet & Script

Posted on 19 Oct 2013 Comments Off on Packet & Script

Production Packet

If you’re interested in reviewing a Live Free or Die! production packet, which includes infographics, budgets, and other relevant production collateral, you can send us your contact information below.

We’ll only use this information to mail you a custom-designed LFOD! flash drive, and we’ll never share your information with any third party.


If you're interested in reading the LFOD! pilot and learning more about the creators' vision for the series, you can download the treatment and pilot PDF using the form below.

If you enjoy the treatment and the script, please share it:

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